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GBC | Garden Bar Cafe

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The Garden Bar Cafe, or GBC for short, is  your new local and we’re right here. No more having to travel for a place to meet, a relaxing drink or a quality meal. GBC has it all, so come in and say hello to your new local at the Garden Hotel, 110 Marshland Rd Shirley.

GBC has a range of satisfying beers on tap, a full bar, tasty food and great coffee. So maybe you’re after a quick catch up with friends with coffee and cake, a quiet drink with someone special, or a celebration with family, friends or workmates, GBC has a great setting and easy atmosphere to make it something to remember.

GBC Garden Bar Cafe | Garden Hotel Christchurch

Great Beers On Tap

GBC Garden Bar Cafe | Garden Hotel Christchurch

Tasty Meals and Snacks

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